"Mat Dugard is a graduate of the University of Highlands and Islands,

Perth; Contemporary Art and Contextualised studies BA Honours.


At its core Dugard’s practice is about making sense of images and

exploring meaning through context. We live in a fast-paced world and

painting to Dugard is a way of slowing things down. To him it is important

to take something out of the breakneck, saturated flow of today’s culture

in the hope of preserving it.  Creating a chance to digest it, before moving on"

Mat Dugard is based in Perth, Scotland, and spends his time creating original work, prints, digital art, and mural. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement

"I’m interested in the relationship between the digital and the traditional. My practice marries digital tools such as 3d modelling and photo manipulation with traditional painting techniques to forge new relationships between recognisable and abstract form. The computer and the painting work collaboratively throughout the process, constantly reshaping the imagery that is being created and it's meaning. This process mirrors the back and forth of today’s lives lived on the edge of the real and the simulated. In doing so, I juxtapose the historic tradition of painting with the ever-evolving nature of the digital space in order to revise the world around us and its multiplicity of interpretations.”

-Mat Dugard, 2021


Virtual Show, Artopic Gallery, 2021 (Group Show)


New Contemporaries, Royal Scottish Academy. 2019 (group Show)

Untitled, 201 Telephone Box Gallery, 2018 (Solo Show)


AlsoTrue, Perth Museum and Art Gallery. 2018 (Group Show)


Masie and Mac Gallery, Cupar Fife. 2017 

Duality, Roseangle Gallery Art society. 2017 (Group Show)


In Development, Perth Museum and Art Gallery. 2016 (Group Show)


World Aids Day, Pop Up gallery, Perth. 2015 (Group Show)


Untitled, Air Gallery, Perth. 2014 (Group Show)