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Mat Dugard in the Studio

DugardisDead Collection

The debut body of work by Mat Dugard. Inspired by postmodern thought, Dugard created a variety of artwork with a keen focus on process-based artwork. Collisions of styles and subject matter result in a colorful collection of ideas. The collection features large-scale mixed-media canvas works and wood assemblages. DugardisDead was exhibited in the Group Show 'Also True' At Perth Museum. 

Behind the

The collection explores authorship

Created over the course of a year and developed through a process-based approach to art making. The meaning came from the act of creation itself and laid the foundation for Dugard's style and his continued interest in how we form meaning in our lives.  


For More Information

For more information about the DugardisDead Collection and to check for availability of work. Click below.

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