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Mat Dugard Painting


My name is Mat Dugard. I create art about my struggles with finding meaning in the choatic, shinny world we all live in. 

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My Story

I have always loved meaning. When I was little, I found out I was dyslexic. My teachers always described my use of language as creative. I loved that there was an infit number of ways to describe something and each one took on a new meaning which each person. Looking back that’s where my love of art comes from.

Meaning and Interpretation.

It wasn’t until I was kicked out of school that I would stumble into the art world. In an attempt to save myself from the world of retail work, I went back to college to study Art. I finally had a playground for those stories, ideas and meanings I was fascinated with as a kid.

After becoming a dad back in 2016 I became interested with the world I was brought up to believe and the world my son would one day inherit. From the wisdom of our ancestors, connecting us to a shared cultural heritage that guides our moral compass to the rapid advancement of our age, filled with possibilities and uncertainties alike.

My work takes us on a chaotic journey through the tensions, monotony, and joys of 21st Century existence.

Welcome to my Journey, or should I say our journey.

Fortune favours the famous mixmedia on paper 8x8 2022.jpg

More of Mat Dugard

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Mat Dugard in the studio
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