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In Review Collection

After the success of Mat Dugards 'bold' degree, Dugard was invited to exhibit in the prestigious Royal Scottish Acedmy's New Contemporaries Exhibition. An Exhibition is hosted every year and features artists who were hand-picked due to there degree show.

The In Review collection is a re-imagination of Dugard's Degree show work. By cutting the canvas work from his degree show and restretching on customer canvas bars new work is birthed from old. The collection is a reflection on the meaning of the original work and an investigation into how the context of the work affects the meaning of the work. 

Behind the

The collection sampling and origins.

Created over the course of the year four 5fx5f canvas that were original created for the DugardisDead Collection were cut up into geometric shapes and re-stretched. The final visual pays homage to Frank Stella but in turn attempts to delve into the idea of sample culture. How we reuse and repurpose content to fit our own narrative and how that effects the original meaning.  


For More Information

For more information about the In Review Collection and to check for availability of work. Click below.

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