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'Twerking in the lazy woods' 66x66inch, Mix media on canvas (small file)_edited.jpg

Artist Statement 

"I’m interested in the relationship between the digital and the traditional. My practice combines digital tools such as 3D modelling and photo manipulation with traditional painting techniques to forge new relationships between recognisable and abstract form. The computer and the painting work collaboratively throughout the process, constantly reshaping the imagery that is being created and its meaning. This process mirrors today’s lives lived on the edge of the real and the simulated. In doing so, I juxtapose the historic tradition of painting with the ever-evolving nature of the digital space in order to revise the world around us and its multiplicity of interpretations.”

-Mat Dugard, 2023

Artist Biography 

Mat Dugard is a multidisciplinary Visual Artist based in Perth, Scotland. After gaining a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice, Dugard went on to exhibit in the prestigious New Contemporaries Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy. Since then, he has established himself as an emerging artist in the Scottish contemporary art scene, selling and exhibiting work both nationally and internationally.

His practice is focused on processed based artwork and what he calls ‘play’. In an attempt to find meaning in the fast-paced world of today, Dugard’s process draws on traditional and digital techniques and a vast variety of subject matters. Elements of illustration, landscape, portraiture, text are abstracted and layered like a mood board offering moments of reflection and new narrative. His style can often be defined as a visual stream of consciousness diary. The personal and the universal, the traditional and the digital all blend together to create new narratives and meanings.

As well as painting, Dugard has developed sculpture work, digital and public artworks in his unique style. In 2020 he was commissioned to take his style and create a response to the Covid-19 pandemic by wrapping the historic Perth Museum columns in his work.

Dugard’s work can be seen on the ceilings of local restaurants, the doors of historic landmarks as well as the private residence of Caribbean islands. Dugard continues to follow his process and ‘play’ with the world around him in the hopes of one day understanding it.



I wasn't Prepared - Birnam Arts, Scotland (solo)

REDemption- Kyoto, Japan (group)

Pandemic online show - Atropic Gallery, France (group)

New Contemporaries Exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy, Scotland (group)
Untitled Exhibition - 201 PostBox Gallery, Scotland (solo)

Also True Degree show - Perth Museum, Scotland (group)

Relativity - Air gallery, Scotland (group)

In Development - Perth Museum, Scotland (group)

Worlds Aids Day Exhibition - St Johns Pop up gallery, Scotland (group)

Generator Projects Members Exhibition - Generator, Scotland (group)

Duality - Roseangle Cafe, Scotland (group)

More About Me.

As a child of the '90s, I have watched the world change and I am just trying to navigate the changing tides. I love all things Art related. Music, in particular, serves as my constant companion, providing a carefully curated soundtrack for each day's ups and downs. To paraphrase John Mayer, we are all just slow dancing in a burning room.



Strathclyde University

Post Graduate Course. Focusing on Art and Design Secondary School Education. 


Contemporary Art & Contextualised Practice
Perth UHI

BA (Hons) focusing on Contemporary Art in Context culminating in a final Degree show. 

Press and features

Selection of press, features and interviews 


Perthshire Courier 
"Whats on"

Interview and Write up conducted by Andrew Welsh. The article is focused on Mat Dugard's Solo Exhibition "I wasn't Prepared" at Birnam Art Center. Goes into the concepts behind the show and the motivations behind Mat Dugard



CPK Commission for Perth Museum and Art Gallery Features in Visit Scotland what to do in Scotland Section. The article is in reference to the Banners Mat Dugard Created for the columns of the Museum. 



Evening Telegraph

Interview About my Art Practice and motivations for why Mat Dugard became an artist. 

Wite up of the CPK Perth Museum Commission


Supersonic Art Blog

2020 and before


Selection of work Featured as Top art of the week

Perth Courier, Perth Advertiser, Telegraph All for various exhibitions post degree.

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