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3D Modelling Collection

The 3D Modeling series of work explores the formation of ideas in their physical and most abstract self. 

Mat Dugard in his newest work is exploring the use of Cinema4d (a 3d rendering software used in Computer graphics and movies). As a process-based artist, he is fascinated with the journey of creation and the use of new digital media is the next step in his ever-evolving artistic practice.  

Dugard intends to transition the use of cinema 4d renders into traditional paintings in the future but for now, these works exist in pixels...

Behind the

The collection brings to life 2d ideas.

Initially started as an experiment, the 3D modelling developed into collection of investigations into how ideas can exist in fiction 3d space. How one day abstract thoughts could have there own laws and physics. How the unreal would one day become indistinguishable from the real. 

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For More Information

For more information about the In Review Collection and to check for availability of work. Click below.

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